ULEZ Checker for driving in central London

Is your current vehicle exempt from the low emission zone?

Just in case you havent already heard by now, there is a vehicle emissions tax area in central London. This charge came in during 2019, when London became the first City worldwide to establish a dedicated low emissions zone. The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is a way to help tackle pollution in our capital city.

If your driving in central London and your vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standards, you will be charged. These charges are on top of the £15 congestion charge, that is also in place. Currently it is working out at £12.50 or £100 for trucks, coaches and lorries. So a standard driver not meeting the standards will need to pay £27.50 per day to drive into London. You can check your cars details here on the government website.

How big is the low emission zone?

The ULEZ is currently the same size as the congestion zone, as shown in the below image. There are plans to expand the zone, covering more of the London area.

Should I trade in my car and buy a push bike?

While there are some really nice push bikes out there, there is no need to be that drastic. You may already have a ULEZ exempt vehicle, as Euro 4 emission regulations were introduced in 2006. This means most petrol cars manufactured since then are ULEZ compliant. If your car is pre 2006, Im just going to throw it out there that you deserve to get a newer one by now anyway.

Should I stay away from diesel cars now then?

While petrol cars are still greener, cars have come a long way now, and newer model diesels are also exempt from the ULEZ charge. As stated before you can use the government ULEZ checker here to run some plates

If it does turn out that you do need to upgrade your vehicle to meet the current standards you can speak to our helpful staff about it on 0208 123 3641. You can also browse our listings yourself here

Thanks for taking the time to read, drive safe

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