How to buy a car online, with click & collect

Hello everyone, I’m making this post to break down the online click & collect car buying process. I will also be turning it into a video for those that prefer that format.

Click & collect car sales was put in place by the government, to keep everyone safe, and well during the pandemic. As a company we started off trading as an online car sales business anyway, so it's not too different from how we normally work. I will take you guys through the process that the majority of our customers will go down, before they hit the tarmac in their dream car.

So the first step to buying a car generally begins online. Let’s go to the Kiss Credit website, where most customers will arrive via the apply now page. It's worth noting some of the positive points of dealing with any company, which you can see in some bullet points here. So initially there is a soft search, that leaves no impact on your credit score. Next it says you can buy a car from any dealership, which means that you don't need to go round conducting many hard searches against your credit profile. Then it says about the competitive rates, as our broker works with more than 20 different lenders to arrange finance. They wont just give you the first acceptance, the process ensures that they have to find you the best rate, and are audited on this every month. Next you will receive a fast decision, and should have an update in less than a minute. Lastly there is no deposit needed, which is generally the case, but a deposit can help in some circumstances.

As you can see there is a really straight forward finance application form. You start off by entering your basic details starting with your driving license type, status, date of birth, employment, income, address history. Once this is completed you will be contacted by an advisor regarding the soft search and the best way to proceed.

There are a couple of other ways to make first contact, firstly by calling our office, this is especially handy if you have some questions that need clearing up. Secondly, you can use the name and number form, thats on each listing, the guys will know exactly which car you are enquiring on. This is especially handy if you are after more information on the equipment levels, tax costs or MPG for example. Generally I would recommend using the website application to start your car buying journy. Its often easier to look for cars once you have a proper credit limit in place, and applying online makes the exchange of information a lot easier for both parties.

It's the advisors job to get you the best finance agreement possible for your credit, which they will work tirelessly to achieve. They will break down what it is that you are looking for in your next vehicle, and work with you to get you into the one that you want. If you are unsure what you want the advisor will ask you some light questions about your lifestyle, budget and needs to recommend some suitable vehicles. You will need to send over your driving license at some point to verify the information is correct that we have been given. This is often done via a personalised online portal link which you should receive by text message.

If you have a part exchange, your advisor will just need to take the mileage, number plate, and general condition of the car. A rough quote can then be given, subject to inspection. The value of this part exchange can be used as a deposit against the new car, or it can be paid back to you directly.

If you already have a car in mind, you will be asked to send over links to adverts of suitable vehicles. This helps your advisor, when they are working on your credit limit and repayments. Its always best if you source a car from the listings on This way you know that you are buying a car from an approved dealership, with a reputable working history. If you do source a car from another dealership we will need to carry out our due diligence on them first, to ensure that they take care of their vehicles and customers before we proceed.

Once you are happy with a vehicle, the documents will be completed and electronically sent out for you to look over. You will then be booked in to pick up your freshly valleted and sanitised new car, and drive away.

We do also have the option of delivery, and there are a lot of variables to this depending on the distance, available staff and vehicle. So it's always best to discuss this option on a case by case basis.

Thanks for reading till the end, I hope you found it informative