Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when I test drive a car?

When you test drive a car, we recommend that you keep a checklist of items like comfort, utility, functionality, ease of use with tech features, and the general driving experience. This will help you get a better sense of whether the model matches your driving style and buying criteria.

Why are your prices so much better than most dealers?

We offer better prices simply because of our low overheads. We also work really hard to source the most competitively priced dealerships in your area.

How much do you charge if I would like to locate a vehicle?

We do not have any locate or finder fees, we will sometimes need a deposit to find your dream car. You will get the same low price that we offer on all of our cars.

Is there a day of the month that’s best for purchasing a new car?

While an ideal time to buy varies on factors like the model of interest, your budget, and availability, we might recommend stopping by during a weekday since weekends tend to be a busy time for car shoppers. We also encourage you to check in to see when new models arrive, and stay up to date about deals and incentives that might work to create an ideal buying time for you.

Can I have an Independent inspection performed?

Yes we welcome any independent inspection to be performed on all of our vehicles.

What if I don't like the vehicle that I have a deposit for?

The vehicle holding deposits are refundable, if you prefer a diferent vehicle when on site, no problem

Why do you recommend appointments?

Since we are different than the average lot where a vehicle sits 90-120 days on Average. We would like to make sure the vehicle is still available. Also sometime it may be an incoming vehicle, or a customer has put a deposit on.

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